The Diamond Distillery Family

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Hi!  I’m Cammie!  I’ve had the pleasure getting to know most of you on this amazing Diamond Distillery team, but some of you perhaps don’t know me that well. I’m 37 and live in Eagle, Idaho with my husband Chris and two kids, Chandler (8) and Gwenyth (5).  I was raised in Whittier, CA.  I moved to San Diego in 2001 and attended UCSD….got my communications degree (had no idea what I was doing), and then moved to Idaho to be near my sister and her little family.  My sister Ashley Compton (Diamond rank) and my mom, Sylvia Haendiges (Gold rank), got me started on my oil journey about 6 years ago (I drug my feet for a LONG TIME).  After I fell in love with my oils and accidentally fell into the business by helping my friends get started like I did, I quickly saw the potential and began to intentionally work this business.  Our amazing team reached GOLD in October of 2017 and it’s been one incredible ride.  I did this while working a full time job as an Extended Resource Room teacher at a Title One school in Boise.  It was hard, I’m not even going to begin to sugar coat that!!  BUT, so worth it, I was able to quit my job (my dream, not everyone’s I know), after I had Gwenyth in 2015.  I’ve been home, building and sharing and teaching and leading ever since and it’s been the biggest gift.  One I never saw coming….

I love Jesus, and I love how He intentionally places people, things, chances, opportunities, experiences in my path to cling to and see through.  He loves me, and loves all of you and wants the best for all of us.  He designed each of us in a wonderful way, we are all so unique and special and can bring so much to this world.  Our God given gifts were intended to be SHARED with others.  When we begin to use our special and unique gifts from God, we sparkle and shine.  We stand out.  People are DRAWN to what we do.  Embrace your strengths throughout your business journey, harvest them and make them shine.  Focus on your design, not others.

I am so excited to have come up with this organization, list system to help you see how simple and easy and QUICK it can be to begin building momentum with your business. When I first started, we didn’t have such a list….and I think it would have benefited from me (especially just starting), to help give me ideas of what I definitely needed to do daily/weekly/monthly to help grow, build my team and continue to chip away at my goals, no matter how big or small they were.

Friends, hear my heart through this typed message.  I believe in you and my support is never ending, our team is filled with amazing leaders to help you every step of the way!  Use those relationships and go where you wish!

Love always,