1) Freebies!  If you spend a certain amount (100 pv, 190 pv, 250 pv, 300 pv) you get oodles of freebies!  For example, a free Everyday Oils Kit!  This kit is worth $270 retail, and I got it for free with a 300pv order one month.  With this amount of money, you can literally restock most of your oils kit, or your cleaning supplies, supplements and oils.  The freebies change every single month, and Young Living will send us an email the last day of the month to let us know what those are, so we can adjust our orders accordingly.  The more you spend, the more you get for free!  Also---the free products range from $15-$300 depending on how much you spend.

2) Cheaper shipping!  Like a lot cheaper

3) Cash Back!  No tricks here, you earn points back monthly, and it’s one point per dollar, so it’s very simple to understand how to spend those points.  Months 1-4 you earn 10% back.  Months 5-25 you earn 20% back.  Months 25 and beyond, you get 25% back in CASH points!  Most of my oil products, etc are FREE this way.  The points accrue FAST.  Spending $100 and getting $10 back pretty much rocks…so just do the math when you’re receiving 25% back on $100!  And you’re doing such amazing things for you and your family’s health.  We only buy our supplements and protein powder from Young Living now….Costco certainly doesn’t give us 25% back on our purchases with them!

4) Essential Reward KITS!  My family drinks NingXia for energy and immunity boosts…so we order the ER NingXia Kit every so often.  We also clean our home with the Thieves Household Cleaner, and that’s an Essential Rewards kit as well….we save tons of money buying them this way.

5) Nitty Gritty Requirements :::: You must spend 50 pv ($50) a month to place an Essential Rewards order.  You can change your order and date every single month, so it’s best for you.  You can also go into your virtual office and edit your order as many times as you’d like, before your order processes.

Signing up is super easy as well.  Log into your Virtual Office.  On the left, you’ll find a tab that says Essential Rewards, click on that.  Fill out your shipping and payment information, then add your cart with your favorite products, and start switching and ditching!